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Sonoma Wine Country Weekend



September 4th 12:30pm TO 7:00pm
Chateau St. Jean, Kenwood
  • Directions


    Chateau St. Jean
    8555 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA 95452

    Event parking is located just down the street from Chateau St. Jean at 7425 Los Guilicos Rd. Santa Rosa, CA.

    Shuttles will be avaialble to bring you to the event and shuttles will be available to transport you back to the parking lot at any time throughout the duration of the auction.



The Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction is Sonoma Wine Country Weekend’s grand finale event, but it’s really just the beginning of an elegant, unforgettable journey. Known for its exotic, immersive themes, and recognized as one of the country’s top three charitable wine auctions, the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction impacts our community all year long by raising much-needed funding for local charities. At this prestigious event you’ll discover, and have the chance to bid on, an array of luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Rare wines. Exotic adventures. It’s all up for grabs as you sip spectacular wines and dine on dishes expertly crafted from Sonoma County’s freshest ingredients. The Sonoma Harvest Wine celebrates our storied past, promising future and full bounty of local flavors, all while raising funds that positively impact the lives of people in our community.


  • Auteur Wines

    As a winemaker-driven brand, our focus and passion at AUTEUR is to create profound, pure and classic wines embodying each varietal’s masculine and feminine characteristics. To achieve this balance, we meticulously farm exceptional and unique vineyards in cool microclimates of coastal California and Oregon.

  • Balletto Vineyards


    Balance and elegance are the two qualities the winemakers aim for at Balletto Vineyards. They make it this way because the wines they love most are ones that compliment a meal, as well as, change and evolve in the glass throughout dinner.

  • Barbed Oak Vineyards / BOV Cellars

    Barbed Oak Vineyard is perfectly situated on 18 acres in Sonoma County’s Bennett Valley appellation.They passionately craft wines that please the palate on first sip. And the wines’ complexities provide lingering aftertastes that reward the most critical connoisseur.

  • Beltane Ranch

    Honeymoon 046
    Beltane Ranch owns and sustainably farms 29 acres of vineyards in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Originally part of pioneer viticulturalist John Drummond’s Ranch, the vineyards were first planted in the 1870’s with cuttings from Bordeaux. In 2010, Beltane Ranch released their first wine after years of supplying award winning grapes to top notch wineries.

  • Bennett Valley Cellars

    Bennett Valley Cellars began its journey from dream to reality some 60 years ago in the vineyards of the Veneto region in Italy. Nestled in the pristine Bennett Valley AVA, Bennett Valley Cellars farms 40 acres of Estate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The proprietors of Bennett Valley Cellars believe that making wine requires profound respect for the entire process-from vineyard to bottle.

  • Benovia Winery

    What makes Benovia different is not that they make wine — or even that they make really exceptional wine. What makes Benovia special is the family of people who eat, drink and breathe a passion for making something special.Benovia Winery harvests grapes from estate vineyards that span more than 71 planted acres in three distinctive locations across the Russian River Valley AVA, Sonoma Coast AVA, and Sonoma County AVA.

  • Benziger Family Winery


  • Buena Vista Winery

    BV 7

    Buena Vista Winery

    Founded in 1857, Buena Vista Winery is California’s first premium winery, and its history is as colorful as it is proud. Today, the legend is being reborn under Jean-Charles Boisset. Buena Vista Wines are the finest expression of true varietal character, with great acidity, balance, and structure.


  • Chateau St. Jean

    CSJ 10
    Chateau St. Jean, with its gracious style, elegant architecture and inviting gardens and tasting rooms, is the quintessential Sonoma winery. The winemaking estate is located at the foot of Sugarloaf Ridge in the Sonoma Valley near Kenwood, California. Founded in 1973, Chateau St. Jean has long been recognized as a leader in Vineyard Designated wines. Winemaker Margo Van Staaveren uses her 30 years of vineyard and winemaking expertise with Chateau St. Jean to highlight the best of each vineyard in the wines.

  • DuMol


  • Enterprise Vineyards/Idell Family Vineyards/Keller Estate


    Enterprise Vineyards grows premium wine grapes that show the vibrancy and individuality of terroir by using organic and biodynamic farming methods. Thirty five years ago, Phil Coturri set out to prove that organic grapes simply make better wines. Beyond the health and environmental benefits, organic farming allows the terroir of the vineyard to shine. Winery Sixteen 600 is Phil Coturri’s vision of wine from the vineyard to the wineglass.

    Stone Edge-Idell

    Idell Family Vineyards craft world-class wines made from classic grape varieties. Their grapes are farmed in Sonoma Valley, in keeping with the highest environmental standards. Their brand has a unique winemaking approach that is greatly evident in every finished product.


    Keller Estate

    Discover their passion for making gorgeous wines from their family’s vineyards. Wine is a journey, and they hope that you’ll join them as they celebrate 25 years of caring for their property, growing exceptional grapes, and setting the foundation for the most iconic region of the Sonoma Coast: the Petaluma Gap.


  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery

    In keeping with the Coppola family promise to make every visit to the winery memorable and unique, they’ve created the Francis Coppola Reserve label—limited production wines that showcase distinctive vineyards from Sonoma’s renowned appellations. Their Director of Winemaking, Corey Beck, hand-selects exceptional lots of fruit from these prestigious vineyards for crafting small-batch wines exclusively for winery guests, Wine Family members and those who shop with us online. Each lot is crushed, fermented, and aged separately through the final blending stage to ensure the finished wine is worthy of the ‘Reserve’ title.

  • Gallo Family Winery

    G 7

    Gallo Family Winery

    The Gallo Family has been farming in Sonoma County forever….join Gina and Matt Gallo for a fun filled afternoon of wine, food and great friends.


  • GlenLyon Vineyards & Winery


    GlenLyon Vineyards & Winery is a mini-boutique, family-owned, Scottish-themed, Mom and Pop winery that specializes in high-end vineyard-designated small lots of wine. They do it all themselves: from the growing and farming of their 4,631 hand-planted grapevines to the making and marketing of their much-less-than-a-thousand cases of wine.

  • Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards

    GF 9

    Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards

    The Gloria Ferrer winemaking team’s quest for perfection takes them to Champagne where they manage to acquire Pinot Noir and Chardonnay clones. Gloria Ferrer is not only the first sparkling wine house in Sonoma Carneros, but also the first to plant Champagne clones and the first to plant in Carneros. Almost thirty years later, with 335 acres under vine, the estate vineyards at Gloria Ferrer produce Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that rival some of the world’s finest.

  • Inman Family Wines

    Inman Family Wines places their focus on small lots of wine made from impeccably grown grapes in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast. Their passion is two-fold: elegant Pinot Noir and the beautiful Russian River Valley. The estate vineyard is organically farmed and they encourage sustainable practices in the vineyards of those who supply grapes.

  • Jackson Family Wines

    Jackson Family

    In addition to handcrafting fine wines from some of the world’s most acclaimed regions, the family’s other passions include a commitment to sustainability, giving back to their communities, and thoroughbred horses. Whether their focus on responsible farming and vineyard management, engaging in philanthropy that has a positive impact where they live and do business, or world-class horse breeding and training, they believe that love and hard work can accomplish great things.


  • Jordan Vineyard & Winery

    Jordan Estate is nestled in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County, where the iconic Jordan Winery Chateau overlooks nearly 1,200 acres of rolling hills and vineyards dedicated to agriculture, hospitality and conservation. Second-generation vintner John Jordan continues to preserve the great ecological richness of this property and share its breathtaking vistas through hospitality. He has returned cattle ranching to the estate, invited conservationists to study resident and migratory birds, and appointed arborists to care for mature trees that have towered over the estate for hundreds of years. Numerous sustainability certifications have also been achieved.

  • Kamen Estate Wines

    KamenRobert Kamen believes everything happens for a reason, and yet nothing in his life was ever planned. His screenwriting career started quickly with the unexpected sale of his first screenplay. While visiting friends in Sonoma to celebrate this success, he happened upon the 280 acre property. After falling in love with the view, he purchased what is now his vineyard estate and the muse for his bottled screenplay – Kamen Estate Wines.

  • Kosta Browne Winery

    KB 7

    Kosta Browne Winery

    Kosta Browne began as a dream shared by Dan Kosta and Michael Browne. They saved tip money for about eight months and eventually had enough to buy a half ton of Pinot Noir, a used barrel and an old hand-crank stemmer-crusher, a purchase that marks the beginning of Kosta Browne. Since then, they have nurtured relationships with the best growers and honed their winemaking skills, making sure to focus on the vision and values with which they began.In 2001, Dan and Michael partnered with Chris Costello and his family, who collectively helped Kosta Browne grow.

  • Laurel Glen Vineyard

    Laurel Glen

    Laurel Glen Vineyard, a thousand feet up the slopes of Sonoma Mountain, has long been considered one of the iconic Cabernet vineyards of California. Originally planted in the 1880’s, the present-day vineyard was developed in the 1970’s by Sonoma wine pioneer Patrick Campbell. The vineyard’s combination of high altitude, eastern exposure, rocky soils, and small diurnal temperature swings combine to produce very distinctive wines. Despite its small production, the wine has received international acclaim for its exceptional balance, elegance and ability to age gracefully.

  • MacRostie Winery & Vineyards


  • Martin Ray Winery


  • Merry Edwards Winery

    Merry Edwards is one of California’s first woman winemakers, She began her career at Mount Eden Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1974. She went on to become the founding winemaker at Matanzas Creek in 1977 and remained there until 1984. For the next decade, Merry consulted for numerous wineries, large and small, in Oregon and many diverse appellations of California.

  • Muscardini Cellars


    Through Muscardini Cellars, the Muscardini family shares their zest for life and profound appreciation for the fruit of the vine with the Muscardini Cellars artisan wines. The mission of Muscardini Cellars is to culminate the knowledge, tradition and respect of more than a century of family experience in the industry with wines that artfully capture flavor and spirit.

  • Patz & Hall

    Patz & Hall was founded in 1988 by four talented individuals – Donald Patz, James Hall, Anne Moses and Heather Patz. Together, they have turned Patz & Hall into one of California’s most highly regarded wineries, with a celebrated portfolio of single-vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

  • Pride Mountain Vineyards

    Pride Mountain

    As distinct from many wineries, Pride Mountain Vineyards ages all vineyard lots separately. Many of their individual vineyard blocks are picked in stages throughout harvest in order for each lot to be at optimal ripeness. Their forty vineyard blocks thus translate into more than fifty lots of wine separately aging in the cave. This labor-intensive strategy allows them to blend only complementary lots, possibly sell off de-classified lots if deemed necessary, and make viticultural adjustments to specific vineyard blocks.

  • Ramey Wine Cellars


  • Ravenswood Winery


    Ravenswood Winery strives to honor it’s venerable vineyards with soulful wines that are representative of place, person and period in time. Keeping every vineyard separate in the winery, they use Old World winemaking methods (but don’t turn a blind eye to new ideas that might make even better wines). Unlike some of the newcomer brands who’ve jumped on the Zin bandwagon, Ravenswood wines are never over-oaked or loaded with residual sugar. Their goal is to exalt the grape, not overwhelm it.

  • Robert Young Estate Vineyards & Winery


  • Rodney Strong Vineyards

    RS 24

    Rodney Strong Vineyards was the 13th winery bonded in the newly discovered Sonoma County wine industry. A trio of winemaking paths crossed when Rick Sayre joined the team as Winemaker in 1979, and again when the Klein Family, 4th generation California farmers, purchased the winery in 1989 and initiated a renewed commitment of modern artisan winemaking. Through the years, Rodney Strong Vineyards has earned the reputation for critically acclaimed Single Vineyard and Reserve wines, stand out Estate releases and best-in-class Sonoma County varietal wines.


  • Sangiacomo Family Vineyards


    Sangiacomo Family Vineyards has always connected to the land—especially through farming. Beginning in Genoa, Italy where a good day’s work started and ended in the field, Vittorio Sangiacomo voyaged to America on the advice of his father and got his first job at age 17 in the vegetable fields at Bay Farm Island in Alameda County, California. For many years, he found industrial work in the booming San Francisco region, but longed to return to working the land. In 1927, he was able to purchase a 52-acre fruit tree ranch in Sonoma.

  • Silver Oak Cellars

    Silver Oak

    Silver Oak Cellars believes that wine is a subjective, personal experience. Like fine art or music, each person can and will experience wine in a different way. While some find joy in a deep and complex evaluation of wine, most find the key question to evaluate a wine is: Do you like it? With this in mind, we enjoy greeting guests at our Tasting Room or on the road and sharing our unique experience that is Silver Oak.

  • Silverado Sonoma Vineyards

    Silverado Sonoma

    Silverado Sonoma Vineyards believes that good wine is about people. From every hand that helps create our Cabernet to every current and future friend who lifts a glass of our wine around the dinner table. We would not be Silverado without a strong community, which is why we feel so strongly about being a good neighbor. “From vine to bottle, the making of exquisite wine depends on the experienced hands of a strong community.”

  • SIMI Winery


    SIMI made their first wine from Sonoma County grapes in 1876 and have been continuously making wine in the same stone cellar in Healdsburg, California since 1890. As we have from the beginning, our wines reflect Sonoma County – a small, scenic and stunningly diverse region along the Pacific Coast.

  • Sojourn Cellars

    Sojourn Cellars

    Sojourn Cellars is a highly acclaimed winery specializing in the production of artisan Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Sojourn feels passionate about creating high-quality wines and always being accessible to the people who buy and enjoy our wines. Sojourn offers seated tastings in a casual, yet sophisticated environment and prides itself on always putting the customer first.

  • Sonoma-Loeb


  • St. Francis Winery


    For more than four decades, the wines of St. Francis Winery & Vineyards have reflected the finest mountain and valley vineyards in Sonoma County. Founder, Joe Martin, fell in love with Sonoma Valley and established St. Francis Vineyard in 1971, planting 22 acres of Chardonnay and the first 60 acres of Merlot in Sonoma Valley. Today,we farm more than 400 acres of Certified Sustainable estate vineyards in Sonoma Valley and Russian River Valley, each with varying compositions of loam, clay and volcanic soils.

  • The Calling Wine


  • The Donum Estate

    Donum 3

    The Donum Estate is a 147-acre property with 45 acres devoted to vines located on gently rolling hills that rise up from San Pablo Bay in Carneros. To the northeast in the Russian River Valley lies the 16-acre Nugent Vineyard, and further north, our 11-acre Anderson Valley vineyard. Based on a Burgundian grand cru model, our program’s goal is to produce the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay possible.

  • The Foley Food & Wine Society


    Foley Family Wines is committed to producing, marketing and distributing handmade, highly individualistic wines from some of the world’s greatest vineyards. Each of their wineries is a distinct, autonomous entity with its own identity, style, vineyard sites, techniques, personnel, varietal mix and category segment. Every wine in their portfolio is honest, unique and delicious.


  • Three Sticks Wines

    Three Sticks

    Three Sticks Wines

    The pedigree of Three Sticks begins not in the glass, nor even in the cellar. Instead, it begins in the rocky, volcanic soils of Durell Vineyard. Planted primarily to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this rolling 135-acre parcel spans the Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Coast and Carneros AVAs, and is often named one of the top 5 vineyards in Sonoma County. (And that is saying something!)

  • Williams Selyem Winery

    WS 15

    Williams Selyem

    Williams Selyem Winery began as a simple dream of two friends, Ed Selyem and Burt Williams, who started weekend winemaking as a hobby in 1979 in a garage in Forestville, California. It took less than two decades from their first commercial vintage in 1981 for Burt and Ed to create a cult-status winery of international acclaim.

GIVING BACK Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction is produced by the Sonoma County Vintners and the Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Foundation, and proceeds benefit local charities. Beneficiaries for the events are local charities that benefit students, children, farm workers and people in need. In 2015, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend gave over $3.4 million to local charities in Sonoma County.

FUND THE FUTURE: Make a donation TODAY!

Parties unable to attend the Auction may participate by utilizing the absentee bidder form.

BID ONLINE! Starting on August 1, 2016, be sure to bid high and bid often at the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend Online Auction benefiting Sonoma non-profits. Even if you can’t make it to the events, it’s your chance to take home prized bottles from our winemakers’ cellars, one-of-a-kind etched bottles, and exclusive Sonoma trips and packages.

Curious to see The Auction Lots from 2015?

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Northern Sonoma County near Lake Sonoma. #nature #vineyardAdmittedly, we like a little #meat with our #wine from time to time.Ever wonder where #Woodstock goes for breakfast while in wine country? Omelette Express of course.Vintner Champions working to rally for another great Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction. #TheProceedsMatterMonti's is a great restaurant in Santa Rosa, CA. #wine #cocktails #delicious #sonomawinecountryweekend#rose #wine #sonomawinecountryweekendSonoma County Back roads. #sonoma #backroadsLove the town of Sonoma. Think, Pretty #wine glass! Spring in Sonoma.What a line up. #wine #treats #sonomawinecountryweekendVisiting Sebastopol to see #patrickamiot art... another side trip during #sonomawinecountryweekendPlaces to visit while in Sonoma County. #sonomawinecountryweekendOnly 20 weeks till #Sonoma Starlight. Too early to say...? Better than thinking of #taxday 😬🍾#winewednesday Come taste them all over Labor Day Weekend.Wohler Bridge in route to Taste of Sonoma at MacMurray Estate Vineyards. Saturday, September 3, 2016.@wine_spectator has released their list of Top U.S. Charitable Wine Auctions for 2015 and we are thrilled to announce the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction sponsored by @tricorbraunwinepak has been designated the #3 top Auction in the Country for the second year in a row! ‪#‎SonomaWineCountryWeekend ‪#‎swcw ‪#‎TheProceedsMatterThe Stand By Me Mentoring program’s “Road Map To Your Future” initiative is designed to inspire mentees to think of college and career possibilities and to connect youth to area businesses. Recently, 30 mentors and mentees took a rare visit to the Google complex in Mountain View. “Trips such as this play an important role in opening up the eyes and minds of children who would otherwise likely lack such exposure,” said Mentoring Alliance director Lee Morgan Brown. The trip was made possible by a grant from @SonomaWineCountryWeekend. #swcw #TheProceedsMatterSave the date and be part of an unforgettable celebration in Sonoma County September 2 - 4! Details on Sonoma Starlight, Taste of Sonoma, and the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction as well as proceed contributions at our profile link. #swcw #TheChefsServe #TheWinemakersPour #TheProceedsMatter#Budbreak and raindrops at @rsvineyards #swcw #SonomaCounty #wine #vineyard #regram #RodneyStrongVineyardsCelebrating the success of the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction Lot, Dine with Wine Icons Robert M Parker, Jr. and Richard Arrowood prepared by Charlie Palmer. The lot raised funds for Sonoma County non-profits and the Navy Seals Foundation. Many more photos on our Facebook page! #swcw #TheChefsServe #TheWinemakersPour #TheProceedsMatter